Bringing the Basket Case home

It all started with an innocent thought, which with the dropping temperatures and arriving Winter, gathered momentum and turned into a semi-controlled obsession.  Riding season was over, what was I going to do with my addiction?  I needed a project to survive the cold season.

And so I started scanning Craigslist, first once a week and then daily, looking for a project bike, the inevitable but opportunistic Basket Case.  And sure enough, shortly after noon on that Sunday I was hooked by this post which advertised an ‘82 Honda XR500 in pieces, for little money.  The single picture displayed an apocalyptic scene with a  diabolical hand sprayed naked frame in center stage and a large tool chest full of parts.  Perfect!  Checked with my wife that she wouldn’t cut my throat with a dull knife if I brought this “project” home and with a sweet kiss she let me go to meet my destiny and Brian, the-young-man-who-took-the-bike-apart-and-in-consternation-wasn’t-sure-what-to-do-with-the-pile.  Brian and I shook hands and we went to his backyard for the introductions.  “Mike, this is XR500, XR500 this is Mike”.   Not quite love at first sight, I’ll admit that she looked better in the photo.  But after a few trips to my truck, she was happily riding in the back on our way home.

Want to see a few pictures?  Here we go…

Frame, front and rear suspensions.  We have a base.

Ahh, generously hand sprayed.

Yep, she was sleeping outside…

Pile of parts.  We have a Basket Case.  I’m happy.

Next step?  Let’s sort the arsenal and find out what we actually acquired.

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5 Responses to Bringing the Basket Case home

  1. Howdy, the basket case picture should be in the Webster dictionary! No explanation needed with it!
    Best of luck, can’t wait the finished product. Will you have the guts to ride or will you need a crazy Belgian to test her first?
    Good luck

    • Mike says:

      Definitely needs a crazy Belgian to test ride her first. We’ll make sure to loosen the wheel axels to give you a memorable ride!

  2. Pat says:

    Hey Mike
    I’m starting a XR500 motor project for a flattrack bike. I’m having some trouble finding a good after market connecting rod … any suggestions? Thanks Pat

  3. Pat says:

    Hey Mike
    I’m starting a 79 XR500 motor project for a flattrack bike. I’m havigng trouble finding a after market “performance” connecting rod for the crank rebuild ….. any suggestions? Thanks Pat

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