Stripping the frame to the bones

Time to turn our attention to the frame.  Let’s remove the front fork, rear shock and swing arm, as well as the wheels.

Ready to be stripped down.

Front fork assembly is removed.

Rear swing arm is disassembled.  There will be some work to get this element restored and looking like new!

Rear shock will need a full rebuild.

Naked frame ready to be media blasted and powder coated.

I’ve decided to keep the red and black color scheme of the original ‘82 XR500R and will have the frame and swing arm powder coated with the original color tones (red and aluminum silver).  The Honda Paint Color for that year is “Tahitian Red”.  Researching information on Honda Paint Colors and Codes led to which has assembled quite a reference for Honda Paints.  Tahitian Red’s Paint Code is R-23.

Each officially produced modern motorcycle has a Paint Color and a Paint Code. The Paint Color is the name of the paint color, and can include information such as the type of paint and whether it requires an undercoat.  The Paint Code is the name of the paint scheme used on the frame and other parts. The two are related, but they are not the same. For example, there may be several model years of the same bike that share the same Paint Code, though they don’t look the same. The Paint Code relates to the predominant paint color used in the scheme, which can at times make things a bit confusing. So, in order to correctly identify a particular model’s original paint scheme, you need to know two things: the Paint Code and the bike’s Model Year.

There is a large number of Honda motorcycle Paint Codes and finding the right one for a bike is sometimes not trivial.  Color-Rite is a great source for original motorcycle, ATV, watercraft and snowmobile color paints and touch up kits.  Try its paint wizard to help find the right paint for your bike.

When the parts come back from their powder coating treatment, we’ll start re-assembling the XR500.  Meanwhile there is a long list of parts which need to be either cleaned, fixed or rebuilt before they can be put back on.

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