Back from the painter

The frame and swing arm are back from Premium Powder Coating where they have been media blasted to the metal and then powder coated.  The shop has done  a magnificent job not only in the quality of the craftsmanship but also in plugging every thread before powder coating so that no tapping is needed post paint.

Here are a few “before and after pictures” for illustration.  The contrast is clearly visible — A reward for the hard work.

The new frame is powder coated Honda “Tahitian Red”, a bright red with an once of orange which reminds one of Ducati or Ferrari.

The swing arm looks like new again .

Cleaned the rear shock (don’t ask how long it took) and then had Marvin at RMK do its magic with the rebuild.

Now that we have all the main components refurbished, rebuilt and ready, we can start putting things back together!

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4 Responses to Back from the painter

  1. Roland Linder says:

    Good morning, well the week end was good for you and the bike!
    I love that color( you should have known that, right ?)
    All looks like new and now the asembling should be a piece of cake.
    I’m sure that all wil fit right in place and that teh bike wil start right up.
    Good luck

  2. mike disney says:

    The project is coming together nicely.I am looking forward to pictures of the bike being bolted back together.I hope I can be there for maiden voyage.

    • Mike says:

      Both of you will obviously get to drive the “Red Witch”, the nickname my mom has given to the bike — the name may stick as I find it amusing.

  3. H. Fritzer says:

    Nous nous réjouissons de voir THE RED WITCH dans toute sa splendeur!!!:-) Papi trouve que tu as fais un travail superbe.
    Gros bisous

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