I have been passionate about engines, and motorcycles in particular, since a young age. At 14, my parents gave me a new moped for my birthday – a 50cc Allegro Puch, thanks mom and dad! – and this pretty much changed my life.   The little two wheeler was only a few weeks old when I took its engine apart for the first time and scratched my head to put everything back together. Loved it.  Entering now the second half of my century and this passion is still present while my specific interest has gravitated towards older bikes and their restoration.

The motivation behind this blog is to share my findings with people of similar interest, with the hope that the information is helpful.  Feel free to contact me — my email is mike at kronen.net.

Have fun!

-Mike Kronenberg


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  1. toto says:

    HELLO mike.
    I am a fan of high-powered motorcycles. I need to get the engine of honda xr 500r prolink.
    valledupar live in Colombia. if you know of any please inform me. Thanks

  2. Yancy says:

    Hi mike I have just purchased a 83 xr 500 r and find your build very interesting.
    I haven’t taken delivery of the bike yet and im still unsure what kind of modification or type build I wish to do yet.
    Refresh the engine with a bit of extra hp would be nice.
    I’m in Australia so aftermarket goodies would have to be sourced from overseas I would expect.
    Im very interested in those motard wheels you had made, does the rear still run a drum brake?.
    Regards Yancy.

    • Mike says:

      I kept the entire hub of the original XR500 rear wheel and had it relaced using a new and wider rim.

      Have fun with your new project!

      • Yancy says:

        Thank you Mike.
        I am actually reading yourbuild blog now and i must admit you have inspired me to look down the same type of build as you in the wheels and fork dept.
        I will do some home work and see if I can be lucky with the Cr Showa setup.
        Looks great and you have supplied plenty of info.
        Have you finished the build? I bet the bike looks amazing.

      • Mike says:

        The bike is completed and a lot of fun to ride. I need to create a final post on this blog to share the result and impressions. Maybe even a little video.

  3. Yancy says:

    That would be awesome Mike.
    Small Question. Did you have any offset in your rear hub for the new rear wheel?

    • Mike says:

      I was concerned that the chain wouldn’t clear the wider tire (left side) and so I asked Woody Wheel Works (http://www.woodyswheelworks.com/) to put a 1/8″ offset to the right. Looking now at the chain/tire space I think that I was over cautious – depending on the width of the rims you pick you can probably make things work without any offset. Make some measurements though beforehand…

  4. Ross says:

    Thanks again mike I will measure just to be in the safe side.

  5. Mike, I have a 1984 XR500. I recently retrofitted the rear drum brake to a disc. Send me your e-mail and I will send you pictures. Dave dvrosenstein@gmail.com

  6. Anton Cloete says:

    Hi Mike. Luv your bike. 1 question what Front light did you fit? Cause most xr 500 of that time worked only on 6 volts. Tks Anton from south africa email antonkyla@gmail.com

  7. Brent says:


    Who knows if you’ll ever get this as your last response was a year and a half ago.

    A few months ago, I purchased a 1982 xr500r for $600. stripped it down and rebuilt it. I’ve got it back to the point of firing, but can’t get it to stay on. I live in Boulder too! Are you still around here?

  8. Bob Motz says:

    Hello Mike,

    Greetings from Marana, AZ. I was wondering if you could help me. I decided to rebuild my 83 xr500r carbs because I had some issues with idling so I felt it was time to clean it. Unfortunately, I managed to misplace and lost the cover plate for the primary air cut-off valve. Do you have one that I can buy?

    Thank you,
    Bob Motz

    • Dave R says:

      Hello Bob. I have a 1984 Honda XR 500. I believe the 1983 is a different animal. I could be mistaken but I think I am correct. I do not have what you are looking for BUT… a couple good places to look would be motorcyclesuperstore.com and bikebandidt.com if you haven’t already looked there. I have purchased lots of parts for 84 from these two.
      Good luck, Dave Rosenstein, 801-686-2334 cell.

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